2×4 Workbench plans [DIY Instructions]

2x4 Workbench plans

A good workbench is one of the most important and basic workshop tools you need to have in your workshop. For me, a good workshop table needs to have 3 qualities – it needs to be tough, sturdy and cheap.  This design utilizes cheap materials, that can be attained easily and for cheap. Use these free workbench plans to make one for your workshop.



Step-by-step workbench build instructions

Workbench Build Scheme

Cut List

  • A – 8 pieces of 2″×4″ lumber 34″ long – leg pieces
  • B – 4 pieces of 2″×4″ lumber 76″ long – tabletop and shelf supports
  • C – 6 pieces of 2″×4″ lumber 28″ long – tabletop and shelf supports

Cut Diagram

Workbench Part Cut Diagram

Workbench top and shelf support frame

Workbench frame support scheme

Start by building supporting frames for workbench tabletop and the bottom shelf. Use 2 screws per joint, predrilling first.

Workbench legs

Workbench legs

Next step is to build the four table legs. Fit them together as shown in the picture, using 3 or more screws.

Attach support frames to legs

Workbench frame

Attach the table legs to supporting frames. You can use cutoff scraps to space frame from the bottom.

Attach angle brackets and workbench tabletop

Angle brackets for tabletop

Attach the angle brackets. You can flip the table to make it easier to attach the workbench tabletop.

Workbench tabletop

Another option for attaching the tabletop is screwing through the top and countersinking the screws.


Optional: Attach shelf top

Workbench shelf

The shelf is a functional and structural part of the bench. It stops the legs from spreading and the bottom and it’s a great place to store tools or materials.

I hope you found this workbench step-by-step guide instructional and helpful. If you are looking for more workshop furniture type projects, check out our article on workshop shelving ideas or browse our other tutorials or project ideas here at unFRAMED Workshop.

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