9 Workshop Shelving Ideas [DIY Plans]

Workshop shelving plans

For most people Garage is the go-to place for storing stuff. As time moves on things add up and it can become quite a challenge to organize storage space and maintain a working workshop. So to help you get organized I have rounded up affordable and easy to make 9 general purpose workshop shelving ideas with DIY plans, which you can make for yourself.

  1. Basic 2×4 Shelving

    Basic garage storage shelves
    Image via dadnad.com

    Simple, sturdy shelving solution from easily available materials. You can easily build these yourself, which make them more cost effective than a shop bought heavy duty shelves. Plus the time it takes to make these shelves is about the same as to assemble to store bought ones. Free standing so you can place them anywhere you want.
    Full step-by-step guide can be found here

  2. Easy and Fast DIY Garage or Basement Shelving

    Wall attached shelving
    Image via www.ana-white.com

    A simpler version than previous shelving option utilizing the same materials – 2×4 and plywood or OSB for shelving. As a downside you need to attach this shelf to a wall, thus you can’t move it around if you decide to reorganize your workspace. But as a positive, this shelving needs fewer materials to build.
    Full step-by-step guide can be found here

  3. Corner Storage Shelves

    Corner Shelves
    Image via www.kenarry.com

    This is a perfect solution for corners. Overall the construction of this shelf is similar to the previous versions, but the design is adjusted to be used in corners. You need to attach the shelves to walls, thus they have a fixed position in your garage.
    Full step-by-step guide can be found here

  4. Storage Shelf for the Basement

    Garage Storage
    Image via davewirth.blogspot.com

    A similar variation of the #1 plans. The shelf supports are on the inside of the leg frame.
    Full step-by-step guide can be found here

  5. Cheap Garage Storage Shelf

    Cheap Garage Storage
    Image via smallbizdad.com

    Another variation of the simple construction of the previous shelves. As a bonus shelves don’t need any special leg cutouts, they are simple OSB squares.
    Full step-by-step guide can be found here

  6. Paint Storage Shelves

    Paint Storage Shelf
    Image via createandbabble.com

    A Smaller storage version, for paint storage in this example, but you can use it for any other storage purposes. Entirely made from 2x4s. You can replace the shelves with plywood or OSB to make it look sleeker and to increase the storage height, by reducing the height of the shelf.
    Full step-by-step guide can be found here

  7. Hanging Storage Shelves

    Hanging Storage Shelf
    Image via www.simplyeasydiy.com

    Wall hanging storage solution, that leaves the floor free for any other purposes you may need.
    Full step-by-step guide can be found here

  8. Storage Above The Garage Door

    Storage above garage doors
    Image via jayscustomcreations.com

    Overhead storage solution, that utilizes space above the garage doors, that’s not used normally. You might need to adjust the dimensions to fit your ceiling height and the type of garage doors you have.
    Full step-by-step guide can be found here

  9. Sliding Storage Shelves

    Sliding Shelf Storage
    Image via www.justmeasuringup.com

    This solution has deeper shelves that are sliding, so you access stuff at the back easily.
    Full step-by-step guide can be found here

I hope you found these workshop storage plans helpful. Check out other tutorials or project ideas here at unFRAMED Workshop.

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